We had our dog (King Charles Cavalier Spaniel) trained with Mr. Ken and he was amazing teacher, the training methods were incredible and our dog and my daughter learned a lot. Mr Ken is a excellent teacher and we are so Glad he was the one to train our dog. I definitely recommend mr Ken to be your dog trainer!


When my 1 year old labradoodle needed dog training, I was referred to Ken at My Positive Dog Training. It was amazing working with Ken and watching my dog whom I thought was untrainable in a matter of weeks, become extremely obedient! Ken was patient and left us with great homework every week. If you live in the north part of St Augustine, i highly recommend this top notch dog trainer!
Jeffrey Taylor 

My favorite dog trainer so far- and I have used many. Caring, professional and loves the work. Very accommodating and experienced. I highly recommend Ken. Two paws up!!

Mandie Mascato  

My dog and I really enjoyed the training we had. Mr ken was so patient and understanding with us I would recommend him to anyone who wants to have a positive training experience.
Connie Smith  

My name is Maria in June of 2019 I got a Cairn Terrier which I named Bella. I started working with Ken a couple weeks later so she was about 12 weeks old. She was a terror. She new how to sit but would not respond when she heard the word. She new down but also only responded when she wanted to. Which is typical response from a terrier. They are very stubborn, but very smart. I was frustrated so I went to Ken for Obedience training. He help Bella and I to developer a really special bond together and helped me teach her how to be a good dog. In the process Bella loved him for all the positive instructions she learned and the live she received from him. She really enjoyed his classes and looked forward to seeing him every week. It took a long time to get a well behaved dog but with Ken’s help we got there. Bella is now 1 and 1/2 years old and still testing me but when I feel frustrated, I give Ken a call and he helps me and Bella over come our frustration and get the bad behaviors under control. I gave Ken 5 stars because I truly think he is a kind, intelligent, just all around great person, and great dog trainer. If I could I would give him more. He is definitely worth it if your looking for a good trainer.
Maria Guerra 

Our dog improved dramatically in a very short time. Ken obviously loves dogs and our dog, a beagle, loved him. Ken was very patient with both the dog and us. His behavior was very consistent and the dog understood what was required of him. We are looking forward to taking another course with him.
Linda Yerrill  

Working with Mr. Ken has been nothing but an absolute joy! My dog LOVES him, and has learned so much over the last 6 weeks. Mr. Ken never once raised his voice or became impatient with me or my pup. He empowered me to be in charge, and showed me how to be the alpha without being unkind to my fur baby. If you’re looking for a dog trainer— your search is over!! I cannot recommend Mr. Ken enough.
Kendall Mason  

Ken has made our life so much easier..... from potty training to all other commends. Ken is so knowledgeable, professional and caring! I wish every pet owner would meet Ken to help them have the best trained dog!!!! 🐶 Thank you Ken!!!!
Natasha Splitzkeit

Ken is a wonderful dog trainer and I have recommended him to many people! We got a rescue puppy who was not up to date on his shots when we first registered for our class. Ken went out of his way to come to our home to make sure our little pup didn't fall behind! He has learned more than I could have thought possible in 6 weeks. We have enjoyed the classes so much we signed up for class 2!
Allie Smith

Thanks Ken! We just finished our six week private sessions with you, and we could not be happier. Butter has come a long way in his skills and in his ability to control his behaviors. We have learned tons from you and have implemented your positive-only training method, and as a result, now have a happy, calm, well-trained dog. I recommend anyone needing to get dog training give you a try for help. You are a kind , gentle, and encouraging man, leading to us being better handlers. Thanks again.
Beth Mader 

Ken is a wonderfully experienced and knowledgeable dog trainer. His "only positive" approach to training is a rewarding journey for both owners and puppies alike! Happy Dog, Happy Life! My two Bouvier puppies have learned basic commands, are walking by our side and learning the importance of eye contact in following commands + more, in just their first 6 training sessions. We are looking forward to continued training with Ken. I would highly recommend Ken as a 5+Star Trainer!
Shirley M., WGV

Juniper and I have been working with Ken for a few months now and I am truly grateful to have found such a knowledgeable and dedicated trainer. Right from the start, Ken made sure to clarify my training goals for Juniper. Since then, we have steadily worked on achieving each of the goals and have ensured that the basic and essential commands of sit, down, wait, leave it, and come, are also thoroughly reinforced. Ken is always patient and clear in his directions and uses a positive reinforcement approach which is exactly what I was looking for. Prior to working with Ken, I was struggling a bit as Juniper, an intelligent border collie mix, was happily testing boundaries whenever possible. With each session, I have noticed improvement in my communication with her and have left with a greater understanding of how to continue our training moving forward. To top it off, we both enjoy our training sessions and have definitely built a stronger bond because of it.

I wholeheartedly recommend Ken to anyone looking for training for their dog (and themselves too). You will not be disappointed!


I own an 18 month old Brittany Spaniel. Her name is Iizzy. In August 2019, when Izzy was 10 months old - she and I participated in Ken's Puppy Level 1 class. Izzy was a bundle of energy and I wasn't sure how or what to do to manage her behaviors. Ken was patient, positive, clear, concise and repetitive with both Izzy and me. Izzy bonded immediately with Ken and I was amazed to see how she could respond with the proper commands. Ken established realistic goals for us and helped us celebrate our successes. I learned how to properly give basic commands and Izzy learned how to follow them. We continued our journey of positive puppy school with Ken for the Adult Level 1 class and after successfully completing that - we started working on specific skills to become a Canine Good Citizen. Ken's patience and guidance never wavered - he constantly coached us and spent extra time with us to ensure that Izzy had mastered the necessary commands to meet the rigors of the Canine Good Citizen designation. Izzy is a smart, headstrong energetic girl - before Ken's positive reinforcement training classes - I felt that I said "no! Izzy" a thousand times a day. After training, as long as I am consistent, Izzy is compliant and well mannered. I am so happy and grateful that we were so fortunate to have Ken as our instructor. I can't recommend him and his dog training classes enough.
Lisa & Izzy

Ken is a knowledgeable and dedicated dog trainer. He lays out a detailed plan that you can refer back to between your lessons.  He also follows up with you to make sure everything is going well.  I highly trust and recommend Ken because of his commitment to you and your dog!!!

I want to say thanks to Ken for all the help he has given me with my dog Timba. I met him at puppy socialization time at Petco. At times when there was not another puppy there, Ken would give me tips on working with Timba. I took the puppy classes the first level and then the second level and I really enjoyed working with Ken. He genuinely cares about the dogs and making sure they learn the lessons that he's trying to teach them. He puts extra effort and care into his teaching and was always willing to help me if I was having any problems or questions. My dog Timba loved being with Ken and still gets super excited when he sees him in the store. I would definitely recommend Ken if you are looking for training classes or if you have a new puppy. Thanks Ken for all the time and effort you put into Timba!

Ken is the best dog trainer we have ever had and we have had plenty. He is gentle, patient, kind and thorough. He made our overall experience enjoyable and fun and helped us bond with our beloved Sasha. We highly recommend Ken!!!
Deb & Billy 

If you're looking for a great dog trainer, Ken Bartell is on of the best, if not the best I have found. His years of experience is evident by his wealth of knowledge in training all kinds, sizes, ages, and temperaments....that includes us people too! I say that because really what dog training is about is teaching us humans how to train our pups! He is very thorough, patient, knowledgeable and explains everything in a simple and concise way. One of the things I appreciate is how he can explain why dogs do what they do, what drives them to certain behaviors and the best way to direct them to certain behaviors. His love for dogs is also a huge plus and also evident by how he interacts with every dog that comes into his class. All instructions I've had, I have been able to pass onto my dog Charlie and I think he is as happy as I am, and that's a big part of the success we've had. We are getting passed some of the basic training and more into doing tricks and obstacles courses and Charlie is loving it! I definitely recommend Ken Bartell for all your dog / person training needs, and I truly believe you will not be disappointed!

Trish R. & Charlie

Ken Bartell has been our dog trainer for our dog Abbie for Dog Class I and Dog Class II, as well as Canine Good Citizen Class.  He is an excellent trainer that uses positive reinforcement to train your dog.  Ken goes above and beyond.  When we weren’t able to attend a couple of group dog classes, he allowed us to make up the class on his own time with a private lesson.  Ken came to our house to help us train our dog to “come”.   Abbie would escape and not come when called and we feared she would get hit by a car.  Ken genuinely cares about the people and animals he works with.  He truly is a “dog whisperer”.  We highly recommend him as a trainer.

Kim & Ian Cornett

 I want to thank Ken for the fantastic job he did helping us train our new puppy Gabby. Ken was extremely professional and his coaching was easy to follow when teaching us new obedience cues and demonstrating on Gabby. Being a large dog, we really needed help with walking on a leash without pulling. By the end of the class, Gabby was no longer pulling and taking a walk is now a pleasant experience! Ken certainly shows a lot of love for dogs and was always was extremely engaging with Gabby. We have been very pleased with the results of his training and would recommend him to anyone with a new puppy or dog needing some obedience training.   
Holly & George 

Ken did an excellent job with Jemma. He took her all the way through Adult Level 1 and Adult Level 2 training classes. And she loved it! Ken uses positive reinforcement to teach the dogs the desired behaviors. The dogs learn to obey by choice, because they want to, and not because they are afraid of negative repercussions. Jemma loved her classes. She still thinks every car ride means we're going to visit that lovely man with the treats. Jemma consistently gets comments from friends, neighbors, and strangers on her good behavior and obedience. Even neighbors with dogs say she is the best dog in the neighborhood, LOL. Drivers pause and roll down their windows just to say something admiring. I whole heartedly recommend Ken for your trainer, whether you have a new puppy or older dog.