About Me



My name is Ken Bartell and I am a professional dog trainer in St Augustine Florida.


After retiring from a corporate career, I have moved into my passion of working with canines. I have always enjoyed the company of dogs and have been training them for over 20 years.


Anyone who has owned a dog can attest to the enrichment they bring to our lives. My current rescue "Levi" is a Beagle/Chihuahua mix and has been a tremendous companion for the past 5 years and a cherished member of the family. My mission is to help you and your dog enjoy many happy years together.


I am a graduate of the Animal Behavior College where I earned my certification for Dog Training and Behavior Modification. ABC is an internationally recognized school and is approved by the Bureau of Private Secondary and Vocational Education. I am also proud member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and Pet Professional Guild that promotes force-free training and I have worked as a dog trainer for Petco, a nationwide pet supply and service company. 


I am a firm believer in the positive reinforcement method of dog training. Studies have shown that positive reinforcement training is longer lasting, encourages the dog to be self-motivated to comply and most importantly promotes a positive bond with their owner. Behavior skills training should be looked at as an opportunity to learn not only how to communicate with your dog, but to spend quality time together building that positive bond and enjoying the time invested. Behavior skills training is extremely important to your dog or puppy as it teaches them how to live a socially acceptable life in a human world. I look forward to the chance to help you build that connection!


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